Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Quilt

This is just a quick picture of some of the sentiments written on the wedding quilt. It is a treasured memory.

I made a hand appliqued quilt when I married my sweet companion a short eight and a half months ago. Everyone signed it and it is lovely. I have finally finished the back for it and it is off to the quilter's. My sister Joyce does longarm quilting and she is going to do bang up job quilting it for me. I can't wait to mail it, so it can hurry back and hang on the wall.

I am willing my flowers to grow daily, ok the garden too! The pink carnations are beautiful and I am anxious for the John F. Kennedy & Queen Elizabeth roses to bloom. I had some flower seeds that came in a large bag, so I threw them into the planter as well. We shall see what comes up. I see Cosmos peaking their heads up. My side yard planter will be awash with blossoms soon (I hope).

I have payed it forward. I sent 5 new patterns to an unsuspection person. We shall see what happens when that arrives. This is fun! Give it a try.



  1. This is just beautiful! Great work!!I love the idea and I'm sure your sister will do a wonderful job!

  2. Your quilt is such a treasure ... can't wait to see it after it is quilted ... don't forget to post a picture when it's done!