Monday, April 20, 2009

Another little project in the future. It will be such fun to make. I already want several just for me.

A hint at a new project I am working on. It will be such fun when it is done. I will have a better photo soon.

The cute selvages awaiting for their turn in the project rotation. I do not have quite enough to make something wonderful. My sister wants them but it would have to be a real need for me to give them up. Can I have yours? Perhaps a selvage swap in the future?

I can hardly wait to add something to these spools. What a great find! Perhaps a pincushion or a kitchen towel. Any suggestions? It is such fun to see what you can make from something. Ideas just keep crowding in and squeezing out the last ones. I will let you know.


  1. I am saving my selvages for Lillian...I don't need to add to the 500 ufo!!

  2. I am saving all my selvages for Lillian...I don't need another ufo.