Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quilt Show

Link to Quilt Show

Sometimes when we see something it speaks to our soul and we are drawn to it. You gaze at it and it brings you in, closer to your heart and you cannot give it up, no matter what. As I ponder all of the redwork stitches that have gone into this wall hanging, I fall more in love with it. Can that be? I find something new in the quilt every day. It is made from a homespun cotton in red. The redwork squares are the same. Each scene is a part of my life. It was lovingly made by Donna Tirpak, 2002. Thank you Donna for every loving stitch. I cherish your handwork. I consider it an honor to own this piece.

I found this at the Breast Cancer fund raiser, held at Country Loft, La Mesa, CA. I have be the proud owner for 6 years. It hangs in a place of honor in my home.



  1. Very pretty quilt. I like seeing embroidery and quilting combined.

  2. Very lovely redwork. I enlarged it so I could see the words. Very sweet. I know you must really enjoy this quilt.

  3. Beautiful quilt! you must really enjoy this one..!!

  4. Beautiful quilt. I love the red work!