Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pink Dress

Wandering through antique stores always leads to treasures. I was the lucky one when I attended Road to California. I found this wonderful, hand crocheted pink dress potholder. They remind me of my mother and her friends. They actually used these and then made new ones. I on the other hand will keep it in the sewing room and use it for inspiration. I find it is a lost art and becoming more rare as the days go by. Perhaps I can talk my daughter into making one for me. Wish me luck!


Pink Dress

While in Temecula a few weeks ago, I came upon this wonderful Pink Dress, crocheted by a loving person and now it resides in my sewing room. I just smile every time I look at it and see all of the time spent on it. I can't help but wonder what she thought while she crocheted. Was it winter or perhaps spring with the daffodils blooming. Did little ones scurry about her feet as she took a few moments for herself? I have little time for these wonderful efforts as I am, as you are, busy all of the time. I will treasure this little bit of heaven in my sewing room.


Clearly the creative juices are flowing today. What else would account for all the orderly piles everywhere. Perhaps just returning from 2 weeks on the road with shows explains some of it. We had such fun in Pomona and Sacramento, visiting with old friends and making new ones. The weather was wonderful!

I found an old tree branch that was perfect for hanging purses on and had great fun decorating it with butterflies and bows. I will be a bit more creative next time. I am full of new ideas and energy. Can't wait to straighten the sewing room and begin a new something.