Monday, November 15, 2010

Gray Storage Cabinet

I happened upon this at a yard sale the other day and have painted it light gray with slightly darker gray on the edges and accent points.  It hold six regular plastic tubs for storage and has a drawer for all the other necessary things.  Let me know what you think about it.  I am just trying to branch out a bit.

New storage cabinet with drawer and shelf.

This is painted pale gray with darker on the trim and accent points, black knobs.

Nice curves on the bottom of the cabinet.

One rommy shelf for all the goodies.
Price $119.00

Happy Quilting,

Front Porch as Promised

I was just in one of those moods the other day and had this darling metal/wire three tiered garden shelf, so I put it in the corner of the front porch, stuck some plants, birdbouses, pumpkins and threw in a watering can for good measure and there you have 10 minute decorating for fall.  What do you think?  I like it.

The two trees were from a yard sale I went to.  They did not work for their intended purpose but look gret here.  The plant in the front is a shamrock from Great Grandmother, had it for 38-39 years now.

This is just  a little top heavy with plants, I plan on fixing that today.  maybe I can find something to put on or around the door . . . I will have to check the garage stash.

Birdhouse from Joanne's Fabric store, 70% clearance.

This bird house my daughter painted for me.

I just love the wire scallops on each shelf and the curly cue legs on this piece.

This is my trusty watering can, my stand by for decorating when nothing else works.  I still need a cute door mat, less plants on to and something around the door.  . . . . I  will work on that and then the presto chango for Christmas . . .

Happy Quilting,

Whimsical Flowers Block of the Month

The Whimsical Flower Block #Six has posted and is ready for you to enjoy.

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Block Ten Whimsical Ornament has been posted

Block Ten was posted a couple of days ago.  I hope everyone is enjoying the chance to make them.  Grace sure had a fun time designing them for you.

Happy Quilting,

The Good and The Bad of it All

These beautiful little angels are now sold.  They were my very favorite of all my finds.  They are only 2" tall and now they are going to live in someone else Christmas Memories for years.  I am happy they have gone to a new home . . . but I miss them anyway . . .

To make myself feel better I have placed this darling wire corner stand by my front door and decorated it with plants, birdhouses and pumpkins.  It really looks darling and I also placed two done shaped ivy trees in pots at the entrance to the porch.  I will post a photo for that tomorrow.  It looks nice when people come to pick up furniture now.  I feel better . . .

I have finished this five drawer dresser.  It has a rose marble top on it and is really just a lovely piece.  It is not really large but I like it anyway. 

It is about the height of a raised side arm on a sofa.  30" or so.  It is so cute I almost had to keep this one.  Love the french curves on the legs, well all over the darn place.  This one is not yet sold, so I can dream of where in my home it would best fit!

I have found that I love painting furniture and having an antique booth.  I go to the booth five days a week for a bit each day.  I sell more when I spend a bit of time there.  It feeds my soul, just as the designing patterns and working with fabric has.  I miss the fabric but you will be the first to know when things are better and I can go back.  I am going to have a larger booth soon . . .more painting to be done . . . I am getting painter's elbow . . . ouch!  Have a blessed day with what every you choose to do . . .
It is always a good day . . .

Happy Quilting,