Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fourteen Years to a Finish

Proof that it really is from 1996! I saved the selvage for my crazy sister.

It is hard to imagine that I have left this beautiful quilt top hanging in my closet for fourteen years. It is a long story but the short version is that in 1995, when air fare was $20.00 to San Diego, I would go once a month or so to see my sister that lives there and teach classes a local quilt shops. We would of course shop while there and do projects. It was a wonderful time that I have just the best memories of. Well, the weekend of this project, we were shopping and she purchased all the fabrics for a top for her and I. I sewed them up and then went home. Hers is still awaiting quilting, I just checked. I got mine out a couple of days ago and found a back and now it is quilted around each figure, star and flag. I could have sent it to the sister that does longarm quilting but I wanted it to be like I would have done it then. I think it turned out well. It will be shown at my quilt club this Friday and then it will go to be hung for a while at our new Carwash. I should have finished this so long ago and then I would not have felt guilty each time I saw it in the closet. How many tops are haunting you???

Happy Quilting,

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