Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Double Finish

I pieced the scraps from the Cheery Table Runner and Potholders together and then cut a circle, gathered that up, put crushed walnut shells in it and topped it off with Poly-fil. I then cut 2 pieces of green wool about 3" x 5", cut leaves on opposite ends, made a slit in the center, pulled it over the clothes pin end, hot glued leaves slightly. Next I cut a circle about 2" across and scalloped the edges like a flower, made a slit in the center and pulled that over the clothes pin. I stitched the last three strips, it made a strip about 7" long and 7" wide. I stitched the ends together to form a circle, then pressed it in half, turning the ends under 1/8". Now gather the bottom ends on the machine with a long stitch. Pull threads up tight. Using a strip of batting, hot glue batting over the clothes pin post, measure the clothes pin post and cut a strip 1/2" wider than the post and 1/2" taller. Press one long end of the strip under 1/8". Wrap it around the post and hand stitch down. Tuck the top ends under and stitch that closed as well. Hot glue a piece of rick rack to cover from the bottom on one side, across the top and back down the other side. Place the gathered piece over the post and pull threads snug. Tie threads off and hot glue bottom to top of pincushion. That will help it stay open for you thread, bobbins or thimble.

Scrappy Bottom of Pincushion

Top View of Pincushion

Needle Wallet and Pincushion with basket for thread.

Inside on Needle Wallet.

Needle Wallet and Pincushion. I just took left over strips and stitched them together with a red strip on the sides. The outside case is about 12" x 8". Stitch a piece of rick rack across the strips. Cut two pieces of ribbon about10" long and place them at the side center as they will tie the Needle Wallet closed. Cut one thin cotton batting and one lining to match the outside piece. Place right sides of lining and outside together with the batting against the outside. Now stitch all the way around, leave opening for turning, clip corners and turn right side out. Stitch opening closed. Cut two pockets 9" x 8". Fold in half and stitch around leaving an opening for turning. Hand stitch to each inside cover. With Pinking Shears cut 6-pieces, 7" x 5". Place two 1/2" down from the top and up from the bottom, place the last two in the center. Machine stitch through the center, lining it up with the center of the outside. Cut 2 10" ribbons and stitch them above each pocket to hold scissors or thread. ALL Done.
Hope this helps if you want to make one.

Happy Quilting,

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