Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have finished my Presidental Pardon wall hanging by Sandy Jervis. It was quick and easy. One day and it's done in time for the holidays. Yeah! It is even hanging on the wall, waiting to welcome all who enter.

This home, each brick loving placed, one on top of the other, tells a story all it's own. A few of the bricks are crooked, some patched and the tin awning is falling apart. The splintered boards and rusty pipes tell of years of neglect but wait . . . I can see that tin in a lobby as a cashier's awning, the bricks as the base and the fence and some old boards surrounding it . . . I think I just found the things we need to build something fun. More on that later.

As we went through Globe, AZ we paused on a side street and there was an abandoned building surrounded by this wonderful fence. I really wanted to just roll it up and take it home but there was no one to ask permission of . . . darn.

We stopped in Central, Arizona on our way home and there was the beautiful Temple being built. It is a Temple for the LDS Church. It will be a sacred house of worship, when done. I has been placed by the highway so that all who pass by will see it's beauty. I love to see the Temple . . .

It is yet early but the fabric calls to me . . . I am off to make a fall quilt, just for fun.

Happy Quilting,

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