Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shovels of inspiration

The alyssum is doing great! I see the beautiful flowers out my sewing room window and smile. Such beauty there for me to enjoy each day.

. . . kinda reminds me of my sewing room. I need to chop the scraps up and make piles of the rest. I am trying to keep the projects in separate containers or bags so all the parts and patterns are together. It started out wonderfully well. I just have to go back and shovel some more into their proper places.

I love these old shovels. They dig, look great and have lots of time to make me feel good about gardening. They are always willing to pitch in and did a hole or just cover up one that the dog dug. Shovels chop weeds and make piles . . .

I have a quilt on the way back from the quilter. Pictures of that soon. It is going to Market in PA with Hillcreek Designs a wonderful button company. It will be fun to have the feedback from the show.

For those that live in the Santa Clarita area, I know a great long arm quilter that does my quilts for me. Let me know if you would like more information. She is quick and affordable.

Keep quilting,

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