Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting Things done

I just finished this cute bag that just makes me smile.  It goes to James Thompson, Ticking Fabric for Spring Market in MN.  I have other projects in the works for them.  This is great fabric!  Lots of nice body and soft as well.  They also make the Birdseye Diaper fabric.  Check them out, get their free patterns too!!

I was thinking I was not getting much done but I counted my list and since January 1, 2010, I have completed 86 things.  I was amazed.

I am on a weight loss program, self imposed, that is really going no where.  For moral support, my Sweet Man showed up yesterday with a two pound box of See's Candy, hand picked only nuts!  My very most favorite kind, YEAH!!  So much for weight loss . . . you know that will add five plus pounds to my already beautiful waist line.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Care to share??  We are considering a gym month by month membership to help with the problem.  I don't want exercise equipment hanging around with clothes on it, waiting for me to put it on Craig's List with everyone elses treadmill.

Happy Quilting,

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