Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bias Rose Tutorial

It is time for another bit of fun!!  Grab a bias strip, a piece of foundation and let's enjoy an new technique . . .

Bias Rose Tutorial
By Nancy Lindblom

Materials for one flower
1 1/4" x27" bias fabric strip
Foundation fabric

Fold one end under and place where you want the center of the flower. Place needle in down position through the fold, back stitch.

Now stretching some as you stitch, no tucks please, stitch through the center of the strip, turn, stitch again, forming a circle.

Repeat this until you almost come to the end of the strip, Place the second strip under the first and stitch, catching second strip, continue stitching until second strip is used.

Place end of second strip on top of first strip and back stitch in place.

All Done, Enjoy!

This is fun and easy.  Hope you enjoy making lots of them!

Happy Quilting,

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