Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is David/Designer
This is Annie/ Designer/Green Thumb Goddess
This is Theresa Wilson/ Owner/ Editor/Designer
I stopped at the cutest flower shop today, Camelback Flowers.  Wow! There shop looks like a little flower workshop plucked right out of Paris.Their arrangements are wonderful and skillfully made.  I met the three designers that were there and they are amazing.  I love the orange door and the cozy feeling of the 1920's building.  The flowers they are working with are on their way to a wedding, doesn't it just make you want to get married?  Just kidding!  I love Sweet Pea's and Hydrangra's.  They are situated on Camelback in the 4200 block.  There are several of these quaint white buildings, each housing a unique shop with wonderful treasures.  Hope you enjoyed the tour of one of the amazing shops.  Stop by and drink in the beauty of this little shop of garden pleasures.

Happy Quilting,

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