Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sewing Room Rearrange

Photography can be such an embarrassment. It seems you see all you don't really see when there is a photograph to display everything.  I try to keep my space straightened up but sometimes, life happens and this is the result . . . chaos . . . so I am giving you an honest look at where I am currently stitching away. It isn't pretty or neat but it functions . . . I am opting for a larger surface for sewing, it will help with the quilting and a much smaller surface for cutting as I just pile things on this surface and make a big mess . . . so this is the before I rearranged and cleaned . . . I assure you it will function better in a couple of days with the new to me sewing table/desk and cutting table. Everything will be a better size for the space . . . all I need
to do is sand the table/desk and get it painted . . .

The current cutting table will go to the kitchen and the kitchen table will come to the sewing room and become a cutting table with a larger top on it but certaintly not as large as I currently have, which is huge.

The new to me desk with make a huge sewing surface not a tiny one like I now have.  It is a lot of work but will be well worth the effort to accomplish neatness again.

Happy Quilting,

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