Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creative Cleanup

My quilt square from Mom's Quilt with my own pattern models, on a metal shelf from Home Goods.
Another Home Goods shelf with pincushions on it
Birthday Flower Pot with essential tools in it.
Some of my ribbon assortment is a Lowe's $3.25 three drawer roll around tower.
Antique spools with rick rack wrapped on them in bottom drawer with small rick rack wrapped on cardboard.

Oh the sewing room cleanup and neatness goes on.  A bit more progress has been made and that is what I am showing you today.  It is slow but coming along.  I decluttered the shelves of buttons and ribbons.  Now my cute things are where I can enjoy them.  I have removed the rick rack from the wall units and wrapped them around an old wooden spool and placed them in a drawer.  The ribbon has claimed the top drawer and is no longer on the wooden shelf.  Out of sight is peaceful.  I already find I can get more done.  As I took pics of the finish, I realized, I really was not finished at all.  The neatness continues with more drawers and less things to deal with . . . wish me luck

Happy Quilting,

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