Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pedestal Tutorial

 I have a few China plates that I just love and do not want to part with.  I have found a way to enjoy them everyday.  Now they bring me a bit of sunshine everytime I see them.  I am using them in my Sewing Room, Bathroom, Entry, and for my plants.  I am also going to use them when I have company to vary the heights of food, on the buffet.  I can't wait to put fruit, cookies or finger foods on them. 

China Pedestal

You will need:
One china plate

One candlestick

E6000 glue

Hand wash plate and candlestick, towel dry.  Mark center back of plate.  If the plate is heavy, be sure to use a larger candlestick.  Place glue all the way around the rim of the candlestick.  With plate upside down, place top of candlestick in the center of plate back.  Allow to dry for 24-48 hours. 

You now have a unique pedestal for serving fruit, cookies, treats anytime you want.  You can also place a plant on it.  If done with bowls, you can use for food, as well.  e6000 glue is very good.  Nothing will be as cute as these on your table.

Happy Quilting,

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