Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good People

The best people are moving. We don't really know them well but they have a warm and friendly presence about themselves and in their home. You have met people like them before, they just draw you in with their smiles and love. You can't resist them. The are as cute as Barbie and Ken with perhaps five children in tow. Now they are moving, tomorrow and I shall miss them. Just knowing that they are there has somehow made me feel welcome in our neighborhood. Being able to wave at them as you drive past is so reassuring that they are around.

The truck comes tomorrow to load all of their precious things into. Folks they know are coming to help and it will all be over with in a few short hours. They will load themselves into their car and drive to Texas where they are from, where a better job awaits, where their family has their arms open to gather them in.

I wanted them to have a bit of us to take with them, to remember the wave and nod as we drove past. I wanted them to know they were special to me. I gave the new table runner to them so they will have a bit of us, a remberance of conversations and helping that now means so much. So have a good trip, be safe and remember those of us who really enjoyed you . . . as you passed through our lives . . .
Happy Quilting,

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