Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quilt Festival - Long Beach - CA

We as a family are recovering from my daughter's loss, one day at a time. Thank you for your kind thought and wishes for our family.

Life is meant to be full of joy so let's get on with some smiles!!

I am excited. I will have a booth at the International Long Beach Quilt Festival, July 24 - 25. We will be in the 1900 aisle. Tell us you saw this post and will will present you with a free gift. This is a great show with lots of vendors and great new stuff from us. It is a version of the International Quilt Festival in Houston. This is the second year and it should be better than ever. There were a few hiccups the first year but all that has been ironed out now. Buy your entry bracelet on line at and avoid lines. Don't miss it!
Visit to see all the classes and events planned, you can go directly to our web site by clicking on our name.

We have a wonderful tree that attaches to a ladder in our booth. Watch for it with all the purses hanging from it. It is a great landmark so people can find us.

I think this darling fence belongs in my flower garden. I planted a bag of meadow mix in with the roses and carnations but it is a bust. I also planted zinnias and cosmos. They are great! My carnations are doing well and we just added statis, purple salvia and lavender. I want a perennial flower garden. It will be beautiful and easy to care for.

Now for a bit of fun! I made this cute bag for my granddaughter's birthday. It is rommy and has just a bit of fringe. It is perfect for a 9 year old. She is busy carrying it everywhere.

Happy Quilting,

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