Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gardening fun

It is a beautiful morning, early but beautiful. The sun will be poking it's head up soon and the air is so still. The perfect time of day, in my humble opinion. No one else is awake and the phone is not ringing . . . just time for me and my thoughts. I always feel blessed when I arise early.

Our cute but pathetic pepper has finally arrived. I don't want to be greedy, just want nature to do it's things, . . . please . . .

I know it's not much but the cucumber has finally decided to grow just a wee bit. We had a huge tomatoe but the splits in it just made it spoil on the vine. I Hate when that happens.

Our first ear of corn has been picked and it was Goooooooood! We have lots more coming, want to come to a B-B Q? We will have corn and burgers to our hearts content.
I am off to make a fun table runner and perhaps a wall quilt. . . we shall see what appears when the day is done.
Happy Quilting,

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