Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sister Party

As many of you know, I have six sisters and one brother. It is our tradition that the sisters get togetger once or twice a year to celebrate what else . . . sisters. With that in mind, I am in California with the Sister Party and it is such fun with sewing projects and chatter going on. A few of the daughters, daughters-in-law and nieces has gathered with us to add to the mix a bit more fun!

I shall be home next week with photos and lots more to share. Are you helping with the one million pillowcases in a year project. We are and this would be a wonderful time for you to join in . . . come on, let's sew together and complete this great challange . . . see you soon with more and photos of our great host site . . . you are going to love it!

Happy Quilting,

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